Full-stack developement with ReactJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB.

My name is Mike Constantino. I'm a Web Developer located in Orlando, FL looking for work as a Full Stack Developer.


Arbitrary skill charts are useless. Here's a detailed list of what I can do.


Lightweight and efficient single page applications

I create lightweight and efficient full-scale SPA's using React and Redux. I integrate multiple front-end technologies such as Sass, Jest, and Enzyme to create clean, organized, and tested code.

NodeJS and MongoDB

Structured and RESTful API's using the latest tech

Using NodeJS and Express, I create structured API's using RESTful standards to create easy-to-intrepret endpoints that efficiently and easily communicate with MongoDB - a document-driven NoSQL database.

Vanilla JavaScript

Core principles and latest standards with ES6

Aside from frameworks and server-side JavaScript, I understand and use core JavaScript principles and fundamentals daily throughout my projects. I also use ECMAScript 6 methods and syntax for organized and future-proof code.


Accessible and semantic HTML styled with the latest in CSS layout modes and properties

I create accessible and semantic HTML using JSX when applicable. I use SCSS as a CSS pre-processor for more organized stylesheets, and specialize in the latest flexbox and grid layouts CSS has to offer.

If you don't want to read all that, here's that arbitrary chart I was shunning.


A small assortment of some of my most recent projects

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