Full-stack developement with ReactJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB.

My name is Mike Constantino. I'm a Web Developer located in Orlando, FL looking for work as a Full Stack Developer.


Don't like charts? Here's a detailed list of what I can do.


Lightweight and efficient single page applications

I create lightweight and efficient full-scale SPA's using React and Redux. I integrate multiple front-end technologies such as Sass, Jest, and Enzyme to create clean, organized, and tested code.

NodeJS and MongoDB

Structured and RESTful API's using the latest tech

Using NodeJS and Express, I create structured API's using RESTful standards to create easy-to-interpret endpoints that efficiently and easily communicate with MongoDB - a document-driven NoSQL database.

Vanilla JavaScript

Core principles and latest standards with ES6

Aside from frameworks and server-side JavaScript, I understand and use core JavaScript principles and fundamentals daily throughout my projects. I also use ECMAScript 6 methods and syntax for organized and future-proof code.


Accessible and semantic HTML styled with the latest in CSS layout modes and properties

I create accessible and semantic HTML using JSX when applicable. I use SCSS as a CSS pre-processor for more organized stylesheets, and specialize in the latest flexbox and grid layouts CSS has to offer.

Like charts? Here's a not-so-detailed list of what I can do.


A small assortment of some of my most recent projects


ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and a Chrome Extension

Memo allows you to manage your journey as you teach yourself to be a developer. Get stats automatically collected by the Chrome Extension, find curated content, and more.

Adopt List

NodeJS, MongoDB, jQuery, ES6

Adopt List finds and manages adoptable pets in your area. Create and manage lists, then contact the applicable shelter automatically and adopt the pet you chose!

More News, Less Bias

Webpack, Babel (ES6), jQuery

More News, Less Bias is an attempt at having readers draw conclusions without media bias. Automatically get the latest headlines (bias and unbias), and draw conclusions on stories.

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